MLIKI — Introduce Shop-To-Earn, The New Social Commerce Business Model


E-commerce makes access to shopping easier, no longer need to wait in long queues at the checkout counter. Almost everything we are looking for is available at the touch of finger. Beside that, shopping is everyone’s favourite activity, everyone is always up for good deals and bargains, right?
Have you ever imagined you make money while you shop?

Cha-ching, it’s time to get rewarded! Earn while you shop!
Earn while you shop, sound too good to be true? Here’s the deal: Everyone wins! If you do the grocery shopping for your household or want to try a new side gig, you’re in luck. The rise the adoption of blockchain technology offer ample opportunity to make money by shopping.

MLIKI — Introduce “Shop-To-Earn” —the new social commerce business model that boosts the shopping experience to the next level and embraces the concept of an open economy and provides financial benefits to buyer and seller who add value by contributing to platform.

The shop-to-earn is designed to give people a chance to earn possibly even more than what they will spend. The shop-to-earn mechanism allow you to earn and accumulate cryptocurrency on a single account and enjoy fuss-free withdrawal and redemption. In short, you will earn cryptocurrency based on your shopping activities on MLIKI social commerce.

How Does The MLIKI Shop-To-Earn Work?

The value of Shop-To-Earn comes from the currency that buyer and seller earn within the platform. MLIKI have native tokens for purchases certain items/goods/serviceson the platform.

How Does The MLIKI Shop-To-Earn Work?
Easy one. Platform fee and token use case! Seller incur a fee for purchasing premium ads and selling an items/good/service, and this represents the first revenue stream for the platform. The revenue from the platform fee will be redistributed to users through MLIKI token, be it buyers or sellers themselves. This’s the new social commerce business model from the new concept of an open economy.

In addition, the use case for tokens is another interesting thing. Where the tokens that have been successfully collected from your activities at MLIKI social commerce have a life cycle that has been carefully designed. Instead of just being traded on crypto exchanges, MLIKI tokens have real use cases. For example, if you are a seller, you can use MLIKI tokens to buy the “Premium Ads”, so that your items will appear on the front page of MLIKI social commerce and if you are a buyer you can store it in your crypto wallet to get a discount or voucher.

Finishing Thoughts

The shop-to-earn concept is already here and we’re simply not aware of it. Or maybe shop-to-earn concept are a form of detaching oneself from wasteful when we shop and putting value to the shoping activity. As the open economy is already here and wants to add value to the social commerce, shop-to-earn concept will be there as a form of new way of shopping.


Mliki is a limitless digital item and physical goods marketplace. Mliki aims to create a hybrid marketplace that makes it possible to purchase physical goods and digital item like NFTs at the touch of a finger

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