MLIKI NFT Marketplace — Mainnet Launch Announcement

2 min readSep 5, 2022


Greetings from the MLIKI!

After a few months of development, we’re excited to soft-launch our NFT marketplace on Polygon Mainnet! We’re now ready to onboard NFT creators and collectors on the MLIKI NFT Marketplace. We would like to thank everyone for being very patient and supportive!

With this announcement, MLIKI enhanced the commitment of the development team to the key milestones. “We are one step forward to achieve our vision: To build the hybrid marketplace”. One of our most important missions is to drive the mainstream users from the traditional market to the industry of NFTs by optimizing NFT use cases and connecting the real world with the digital world in the simplest way.

With so much hype around NFTs, many want to create their own NFT Marketplaces that they can individually own and control. However, the complexities of building smart contracts or blockchains from scratch often exhaust a gigantic budget and time of the creator, leaving them feeling weary. MLIKI is a solution for anyone to seamlessly create, buy, sell and leverage NFTs across different blockchains in just a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the Mainnet of our MLIKI NFT Marketplace can simply mint, trade, and auction NFTs anytime anywhere in the world.

What’s The Supporting Feature?

  1. Create your collections.
  2. List your NFTs for sale or put them on auction
  3. Populate your profile and build your NFT showcase.
  4. Fill in the verification form to take a big chance
  5. Become active user may give you the opportunity to get retroactive rewards

Visit and start your NFT journey!!

What Next?

  1. Expansion and integration into OKX Chain
  2. Improve UI/UX
  3. Promotion And Partnership
  4. INO feature development
  5. Integration of MLIKI NFT marketplace with MLIKI SocialFi


MLIKI is a hybrid marketplace that makes it possible to purchase physical goods and digital items like NFTs at the touch of a finger

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