MLIKI — Token Use Case

There has been a lot of hype around blockchain and crypto assets in recent times. Most important of all, people, businesses, and governments have to prepare for the digital economy in every possible way.

Therefore, if you have been exploring the world of blockchain, you must have come across the mention of tokens. Many blogs and articles in the blockchain space have covered details about differences between coins and tokens or tokenization. Now, the time is rife to discuss the token use case.

It is clearly evident that the applications of a crypto token are gaining profound significance across various industries. The crypto token or cryptocurrency have achieved considerably increasing popularity. The finance industry is one of the most active sectors with a maximum number of active token use cases: Payment, Lending, Borrowing, Saving, Crowdfunding and ETC.

There are myriad sectors in which crypto tokens is providing utility and creating value, enhancing efficiency, trust, and democratising access to various types of services. Simply put, the token use case is how the tokens that issued by blockchain startups have uses on the platform or in daily lives.

MLIKI — Token Use Case

MLIKI as a Hybrid Marketplace will be issued a digital token called Mliki Token (MLIKI) to support the platform development. Mliki Token (MLIKI) is utility and governance token of MLIKI ecosytem that enables benefit for the holder and for the user of protocol.

Furthermore, the MLIKI token will power MLIKI’s partner, enabling the holder and the user of protocol to capture the value created. The value of MLIKI Token is amplified by our acquired intuitive rationale to create token use case and deep-rooted understanding of the supply and demand. Below is a summary of how the MLIKI Token creates its value.

Main Currency
MLIKI is main currency on the MLIKI ecosystem. MLIKI token are exchanged for the goods, service, digital asset or to pay for product ads on the MLIKI social commerce or MLIKI NFT Marketplace

Cashback And Vouchers
MLIKI token holder are allowing to participate in the special sales events, INO and get a cashback or get free delivery vouchers.

Affiliate Program
To boost the number of users, MLIKI will be equipped with an affiliate program. Affliator will earn MLIKI token as a rewards.

Trade To Earn
Buyers and sellers will earn MLIKI tokens based on their buying and selling activities on the MLIKI social commerce or MLIKI NFT Marketplace.

MLIKI token holder are allowing to stake their token and earn passive income with it. The length of staking time and token amount will affect to staking rewards.

The MLIKI team will continuously listen to the community and collect proposals through social media and other platforms. The community can develop proposals, and MLIKI token holders can vote to determine whether the proposal is approved or not.


Mliki is a limitless digital item and physical goods marketplace. Mliki aims to create a hybrid marketplace that makes it possible to purchase physical goods and digital item like NFTs at the touch of a finger

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A Hybrid Centralized and Decentralized Social Commerce Marketplace

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A Hybrid Centralized and Decentralized Social Commerce Marketplace

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