MLIKI — Weekly Digest 03

3 min readJan 2, 2023

As we ring in the new year, it is a time to reflect on the struggles and challenges of 2022 and look ahead with hope and determination.

The past year was marked by unprecedented events and difficulties, as the whole crypto market faced a long downtrend. Despite the past year’s problems, the spirit and determination of the MLIKI team have remained strong. As we welcome the new year 2023, let us embrace the new year with open arms and a determination to make it better than before. Happy New Year 2023!

MLIKI — Weekly Digest

MLIKI — Weekly Digest is a news portal that provides a wide range of fundamental and advanced knowledge to everyone. Topics may include the MLIKI development process, MLIKI achievement, advancement of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and the latest news about blockchain, NFT, DeFi, DAO and the cryptocurrency space.

MLIKI — Weekly Digest 03

MLIKI — Development Process

In the final quarter of 2022, the team focused on network integration. And now, MLIKI NFT Marketplace has been integrated and supported by two networks: Polygon Network and OKC Chain.

As we ring 2023, the development of MLIKI NFT Marketplace has entered a new stage. The MLIKI team has now stepped up with a new target: Integrate/import existing collections from the integrated and supported networks to the MLIKI NFT Marketplace. This allows more NFT collections to be available on the MLIKI NFT Marketplace.

In terms of MLIKI SocialFi development, in 2022 the MLIKI team has successfully integrated more than 10 e-commerce and popular brands into MLIKI SocialFi. And Q1 2023 will be started with integrating blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into MLIKI SocialFi’s royalty and cashback mechanism.

Yuga Labs Acquires CryptoPunks and Meebits

Yuga Labs has acquired the IP of the CryptoPunks and Meebits and will transfer IP rights to individual token holders. Their first action in acquiring this IP will be to grant commercial rights to the community. The Cryptopunks and Meebits will now be part of their plans for the future.

You can read more in their announcement here

Ronin Bridge Exploit Become One Of The Largest ‘Crypto Hacks’ In 2022

Roughly $625 million worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen from Ronin, the blockchain underlying the popular crypto game Axie Infinity. According to Sky Mavis, an attacker used hacked private security keys to compromise the network nodes that validate transfers to and from the Ronin blockchain. That let the attacker quietly withdraw large quantities of Ethereum and USDC.

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China Launches NFT Marketplace

The People’s Republic of China is launching an NFT marketplace on 1st January named the “China Digital Asset Trading Platform”.

The underlying Layer-1 will be a heavily regulated chain called the “China Cultural Protection Chain”. The platform, run by state-owned entities and the private company Huban Digital Copyrights, lets users trade intellectual property like digital copyrights on top of digital assets.

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2022 Failed To Be The Year Of The Metaverse

When the metaverse seized the world’s imagination earlier in 2022, digital crowds flocked to check out metaverse platforms like The Sandbox and Decentraland. A few months later, though, the hype had all but collapsed, as had the populations of metaverse worlds.

The problem comes down to user adoption. The metaverse promised to onboard millions to a new vision of the internet. But even those that ventured in haven’t stuck around.

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