Time’s up! The MLIKI Airdrop is Over

Rewards Distribution

We are doing all we can to ensure that the MLIKI token is valuable and we have worked tirelessly to see this come to fruition. We know tokens derive value from the number of holders. If we look at the roadmap, the distribution of the airdrop first round is likely to be done in JULY 2022.

We express our gratitude

We want to say thank you for everyone’s support and interest in MLIKI. We are extremely happy and excited with the results generated. Stay tuned, as we will announce many interesting things, including the MLIKI token sale, AMA and the second round of MLIKI airdrop campaigns.


MLIKI is a limitless digital item and physical goods marketplace. MLIKI aims to create a hybrid marketplace that makes it possible to purchase physical goods and digital items like NFTs at the touch of a finger



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A Hybrid Centralized and Decentralized Social Commerce Marketplace