What Are Phygital NFTs? What Are The Role of MLIKI?

Phygital NFTs

Since the advent of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), people have mixed feelings about these digital tokens. While enthusiasts speak about them being pathways for previously non-monetizable positions, sceptics pick on them being dubious and energy-costing.

What is Phygital and Phygital NFTs?

Phygital is a linguistic combination of physical and digital to describe the interplay between both worlds.

  • Easy authentication of products
  • More immersive user experience
  • Added engagement factors
  • Interactive abilities
  • Quick availability of items
  • Blockchains thrive on transparency of data, which means all information about an asset will be visible and verifiable on the public digital distributed ledger. With phygital NFTs, one can verify that the item they have is indeed from an authentic brand and not a cheap replica.
  • Counterfeit products, particularly those of brands, have been commonplace in today’s world, which has made brands take new approaches to reaffirm their positions. With physical product-digital NFT integration, brands can stamp their mark for their products on the blockchain, and buyers can easily check their authenticity.
  • Phygital NFTs can allow royalty claims similar to normal NFTs, with every rule framed as per the needs of the creators/businesses. These allow original creators to earn passive income even years after creating the product.

The Role of MLIKI

Before we dive in, we would like to stress one point: the MLIKI ecosystem can be broken down into three main components; MLIKI SocialFi, MLIKI NFT Marketplace and the MLIKI Metaverse.

  1. MLIKI SocialFi
    MLIKI SocialFi allows users to shop at their favourite brands and merchants. Each customer will get their own physical goods shipped to their own address or location. Click here to check the Beta version
  2. MLIKI NFT Marketplace
    MLIKI NFT Marketplace is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that enables anyone to seamlessly create, buy, sell and leverage NFTs across different blockchains. Click here to try MLIKI NFT Marketplace
  3. MLIKI Metaverse
    MLIKI metaverse is a virtual 3D space where sellers and buyers interact, MLIKI metaverse is expected to create a better shopping experience.


MLIKI is a limitless digital item and physical goods marketplace. Mliki aims to create a hybrid marketplace that makes it possible to purchase physical goods and digital items like NFTs at the touch of a finger



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